Solar movement - in motion - HelioWatcher | Automatic Sun-Tracking Solar Panel and Data.

Project Rationale
Solar panels are frequently used for power generation in off-grid areas, such as for solar charge stations for electric vehicles. In order to maximize efficiency of these charge stations, solar panels must be oriented depending on both the time of day and the current season. Called active solar trackers, most of these systems are expensive, require precise calibration, and are designed only for massive arrays of solar panels. We wanted to implement a system that was small scale, low-cost, easy to use, and that would provide information about efficiency to teach new solar operators about solar panel operation.

"Is this fair? Is it OK? No, and it rubs us just wrong enough to decide to do it without permission, without disconnects, and without additional insurance. Hence, guerrilla solar."

Solar Movement - In MotionSolar Movement - In MotionSolar Movement - In MotionSolar Movement - In Motion