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Random note: A teenager was once forced by a Massachusetts District Court judge to listen to the song and write a report about it.

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from the album Because I Love It · Copyright: Writer(s): Rich Harrison, Stanley Walden, Amerie Mi Marie Rogers Lyrics Terms of Use

We have a copy of the boxset to giveaway! To enter, 1) name the three songs used in this short snippet mix and then 2) post your answers here . Good luck.

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"1 Thing" received acclaim from music critics. In its review of Touch , Rolling Stone named the song "an early front-runner for song-of-the-summer status," also ranking it the number one single of 2005. [7] Pitchfork Media stated that Harrison "knows something about horns, big glorious ascending heavenly anthemic horns" and "drums, huge sweaty riotous back-and-forth second-line old-school Clyde Stubblefield drums." [8] AllMusic described "1 Thing" as being "just as exciting" as "Oh, Calcutta!" for how it "[flails] all over the place with unbound joy". [9]

Amerie - One Thing (The Dubplate Mix)Amerie - One Thing (The Dubplate Mix)Amerie - One Thing (The Dubplate Mix)Amerie - One Thing (The Dubplate Mix)