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Uploaded by coverartarchive on January 6, 2013

My major issue is this: I personally think they broke the normal gameplay balance of Stage 5 and Stage 8 bosses. See, they cropped the screen to make it a panorama version instead of a vertical letterbox. For stage 5, that means some of the popup X-guns that got missed cannot actually be shot when the scrolling stops (too low for anything except for the four-way very weak yellow cannon but blue is best for the end of stage 5 boss). For stage 8, the lowest of the two bosses like on stage 2 is almost an inch away from where the helicopter nose would be when the scrolling stopped. I can’t pass that point, and after being sent back there isn’t enough firepower nor enough bombs to pass it.

 · Cobra King F7 Hybrid Review shows how this great looking and playing hybrid benefits from going on the rails.

I wanted to tell you your math for all the cords was --spot on--- i had a foot extra, per cord, which was fine, once i got the weave working was like meditating, almost any way., your pictures where a big help, using the colors sure cleared up my questions.

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