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The protein that prions are made of (PrP) is found throughout the body, even in healthy people and animals. However, PrP found in infectious material has a different structure and is resistant to proteases , the enzymes in the body that can normally break down proteins. The normal form of the protein is called PrP C , while the infectious form is called PrP Sc  — the C refers to 'cellular' PrP, while the Sc refers to ' scrapie ', the prototypic prion disease, occurring in sheep. [20] While PrP C is structurally well-defined, PrP Sc is certainly polydisperse and defined at a relatively poor level. PrP can be induced to fold into other more-or-less well-defined isoforms in vitro, and their relationship to the form(s) that are pathogenic in vivo is not yet clear.

« On plane donc, recueillant avec émerveillement cette musique ni obscure ni compliquée, lumineuse car détachée de tout ici-bas. »

DJ Mutante* Mutante - Lick My CrackDJ Mutante* Mutante - Lick My CrackDJ Mutante* Mutante - Lick My CrackDJ Mutante* Mutante - Lick My Crack